Which electric wood planer to choose: 5 best models

Which electric wood planer to choose?

We present our rating of electric wood planers. We recommend only high-quality equipment.

Sparky P 3180

Sparky P 3180

With a 1500 W engine, this is the most powerful model in the manufacturer’s lineup. Three double-sided blades with a width of 180 mm bang wood. Planing depth is adjustable from 0 to 2 mm.

In addition to horizontal planning, Sparky P 3180 is used for chamfering (recesses along the edges of the board). For this, a V-groove is provided. Aluminum outsole with a movable front part moves smoothly through the workpiece.

The position of the front handle is adjustable. A construction vacuum cleaner is connected to collect the chips. Included – combined guides, blades, key, spare belt and adapter for chip removal.

Makita KP0810C



Power 1050 watts. The speed of rotation of the knives – 12 thousand revolutions per minute. Makita KP0810C handles soft and hardwoods. Planing depth adjustable. For this, there is a measuring scale. Accuracy up to 0.01 mm. Maximum slice thickness – 4 mm.

Benefits include a quick change of equipment, double wire insulation, a reinforced power cord and protection against accidental switching on. You can connect a vacuum cleaner. The pipe is on the right and on the left side of the case.

On the sole, there is a folding stop. It advances immediately after the end of the passage. This allows you to put a wood planer on the workbench, without waiting for the knives to stop. Delivered in a carrying case. Includes two double-sided knives, a blade installation pattern, a parallel stop and an alien key.

Bosch PHO 1500

Bosch PHO 1500

Lightweight and compact household class tool. It weighs only 2.4 kg, easy to use. Bosch PHO 1500 is equipped with a 550-watt motor. The number of revolutions – 19.5 thousand revolutions per minute. The peculiarity of this wood planer is the patented system of knives Woodrazor. They efficiently process the material without any extra effort. Replacing tooling is easy.

From the settings, you can adjust the planing depth in increments of 0.25 mm. Installed with a convenient knob. The maximum depth is 1.5 mm. For chamfering in the front of the sole is a V-shaped groove. Sole width standard – 82 mm. On the case, there is a special connector for connecting a dust collector or vacuum cleaner. This will ensure a clean workplace and protects against chips.

Makita 1806B

Makita 1806B 6-3/4" Planer

Power 1200 watts. The number of revolutions per minute – 15 thousand. Makita 1806B quickly and solidly processes the workpiece, even from solid wood. An important advantage is the adjustment of the depth of planning. Maximum cutting thickness – 2 mm. The tool has a large knife width – 170 mm. Its position can be adjusted.

The model has an improved planer design. The extended base plate fits snugly to the workpiece. Thanks to this, the vision of the instrument is more accurate. Another advantage is the effective removal of chips with a wide tube. The expanded package includes a carbide blade, a holder for the workpiece, a parallel stop, a key and a template for fixing the blade.

Bosch GHO 6500

GHO 6500 Professional Planer

Powerful, with a maximum cutting depth of up to 2, 6 mm. Bosch GHO 6500 is designed for right and left-handers. The parking shoe protects the wood from damage. And no extra chips! High-speed cutting materials of different types of wood provides the engine in 650 watts.

This wood planer handles the corners precisely and flexibly using three V-grooves. The maximum depth of the groove is 9 mm. The unit is equipped with a key with an internal hexagon, a parallel emphasis, a sharpening device for high-speed steel knives, as well as a calibration template for high-speed steel knives.