What is The Best Vacuum for Vinyl Floors?

So, let’s analyze what indicators should be paid attention when buying the best vacuum cleaner for vinyl floors:

Power. A high power rating (more than 300 W) ensures a good level of dust absorption, but also means increased noise. Some models provide a system for reducing the volume of the vacuum cleaner. This is worth paying attention if the house has small children. Otherwise, the increase in power positively affects the operation of the device, but do not forget that cyclone and bag vacuums, it falls as the dust bag is full.

The length of the cord. If the apartment has large rooms, choose a model with a cord length of six or more meters.

Type of filter. The choice of a filtering system is rather a question of personal preferences, just as motorists choose a sedan or a hatchback: each comes from its own needs and tastes. However, there are some limitations: if someone from your household suffers from asthma or allergies, the best choice will be a vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter.

A good vacuum cleaner is not just a guarantee of a quality cleaning of the apartment from dirt, but also a significant reduction in cleaning time. And most importantly – it’s taking care of your health, protecting your loved ones from allergic reactions and a variety of diseases transmitted by airborne droplets. And of course, a reliable vacuum cleaner cannot be cheap.

Which is better, the hand vacuum cleaner, or the robot vacuum cleaner?

Perhaps, we agree that taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of both types of vacuum cleaners, it is very difficult to choose something. If you need good quality, then in any case, it will have to pay well for it. To buy a vacuum cleaner that he removes, you have to pay a much higher price than for his “older brother.”

Making a choice between these types of vacuum cleaners, you, as a consumer, must decide for themselves what is more important to you, saving time, convenience, additional functions, different cleaning modes, the ability to “order” the vacuum cleaner to do wet cleaning, remote control of the unit, relatively low price.

The rule “price-quality” works here as well as when choosing any other technique. If convenience and comfort for you are in the first place, then you will only have to decide which model and with which functions it is better to choose.

How To Clean Vinyl Floors

The Benefits of Vinyl Plank Flooring

What is a vinyl floor and why does it become indispensable for decor in residential and public premises? Do not confuse laminate and vinyl floors! This is a more modern and improved alternative to laminate. Vinyl flooring has a multi-layer structure, created on the basis of polymer in combination with quartz chips.
Thanks to the development of technology, modern vinyl tiles are devoid of these shortcomings. Vinyl flooring, which is currently offered by the market, is multilayered. This is what ensures its high class of wear resistance and other qualities.

The floor in the room is under the influence of constant loads. That’s why, when choosing a floor covering, the owners of apartments and houses should think about what quality it will be. It is clear that the floor must be durable and wear-resistant, since even the movement of several people on it day in and day out can lead to its abrasion. Well if the floor is moisture-resistant, durable and resistant to UV light. It should also look good and blend in with the overall style in the interior. Vinyl floor pluses and minuses is unambiguous.